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I was sooo excited two weeks ago.  I had found the 6th (and final) antique cupid postcard in a series published by PFB!  Granted, three of the six weren’t brilliant (gold trim).  I was still very happy to know what the image was on the last postcard to find.  It was of a cupid with fairy wings standing on the shoulders of another cupid with bird like angel wings trying to reach a clover on a small rock cliff.  So darling!  I have posted images of all six antique postcards for my blog’s readers.  Enjoy these treasured members of my personal postcard collection!

PFB Cupid Postcards CPFB Cupid Postcards B

PFB Cupid Postcards A

If anyone knows who the artist is for this series, I would be interested to know.

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1907 Tuck New Year Postcard of Father Time,  Series 113

1907 Tuck New Year Postcard of Father Time, Series 113

It has been awhile since I’ve felt like sticking my nose in other people’s business (by reading vintage postcard messages).  Here’s an intriguing message from 1907 I found:

“…Have notified candidate to be at your home Monday, Dec. 30th, at 2 p.m.  I will be present also.  Should we not have two witnesses? …”

My first thought was, candidate for what?  There are sooo many answers to that question.  It most likely isn’t personal in nature as a nanny or member of the housekeeping staff would be.  The sender, C. Turner, and the recipient, Mrs. R. Legge, lived in two separate homes.  It is most likely some sort of public position; especially since C. Turner said he or she would be in attendance.  I wonder why witnesses would be needed?  And why 2?

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