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“Hello Harry.  We have given up football I I guess.  I had some time Thursday night.  Was over south of slater.  She ask all about you.  Will explain all when you come home.  We had a baseball workout last night I think.  We will fall or they fall from 11-2.”

The Fair Weather Fan

I read the above antique postcard message recently, which mentioned giving up football.  I know a little of how the writer must have felt.  Professional football has just started, and already I can’t wait for the humiliation to be over with.  My team, the Vikings, are 0-2 so far this pre-season.  OK, I’ll admit it.  I’m a fair weather Vikings fan.  Maybe I’ll change; maybe not.  I don’t think the writer would’ve been a fair weather fan though with an attitude of “we fall or they fall”.

Football, then Romance

The above message also mentioned a certain female someone asking after Mr. Harry Harrison of Toledo, Iowa – the recipient of the antique postcard.  Her name wasn’t mentioned, so we can only assume Harry knew whom the writer was referring to.  Let’s hope his bubble (romantic?) wasn’t busted when the writer explained all regarding that female someone.  I tend to think not as she cared enough to ask after Harry.

1912 Antique Bathing Beauty Postcard artist signed by C. Ryan

1912 Antique Bathing Beauty Postcard artist signed by C. Ryan

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This will be a short blog post as I’ve been so VERY busy.  I just opened a Bonanzle booth on Sunday http://www.bonanzle.com/booths/soda_santa).  Feel free to browse thru the postcards I have for sale.  🙂

1909 May Farini Postcard - Lady in Duster CoatOne of my favorite non-Santa Claus vintage postcards is the one to the left signed by artist May Farini.  It pictures a Victorian lady on a ship’s deck wearing a long coat called a Duster.  Ladies wore them to keep dust off their legs when walking or touring before paved roads came along.  There are no dirt roads around her, so she must be wearing the Duster coat to keep the chilly wind off her.


Feel free to look at other Santa Claus, children in footed pajamas, and May Farini postcards from my personal collection on my web store’s gallery page. 


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