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It’s time for more zoo animals on vintage postcards fun.  Let’s continue our visit to the New York Zoological Park.  For those who’re just joining us, this is the zoo that resulted from Fordham University’s selling the land it sits on to New York City for $1000.

So far, we’ve visited elephants, brown bears, and arctic foxes, giraffes, and the hippopotamus.  Today’s vintage postcards picture the Indian Leopard, and Malay Tiger.

Malay Tiger

NY Zoological Park Vintage Postcard of Malay Tiger "Princeton"

The Bronx Zoo (formerly known as The New York Zoological Park) has another wonderful page of interesting info on this endangered animal, the tiger.  For instance – this big cat’s tail twitches when on the prowl.  I was saddened to learn while reading this page, that half of all tiger cubs die within two years.  Be sure to check out the web page of your local zoo.  It too might have pages of interesting info on it’s exhibited animals.

Indian Leopard

New York Zoological Park Vintage Postcard of Indian Leopard Cub


The Minnesota Zoo, my local zoo, has a wonderful exhibit on the almost extinct Amur Leopard.  I make sure to visit it each time I go.  The leopard avoids tiger territory.   The leopard is an excellent stalker and tree climber, who will descend head first (unlike most cats).  They have also been known to leap out of a tree onto their prey.  Yikes.

Be sure to come back for the last day of our visit to the New York Zoological Park, Wednesday 03/03/10, to find out which animals on vintage postcards will be visited.
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Puss 'n Boots Handy Box Blacking Trade Card

Fairy Tales are always a nice way to get away from the stress of modern life (and the current economic crisis).  Anything is possible in them.

The Victorian trade card to the right pictures the fairy tale cat, Puss ‘n Boots.  He’s a confident one.  Puss ‘n Boots showed his master he could overcome his obstacles by believing in himself.  Maybe that’s why Handy Box Shoe Blacking chose this image to advertise their product.  Anotherwards, a person can accomplish anything by using Handy Box Shoe Blacking.

The Puss ‘n Boots fairy tale was by Frenchman Charles Perrault.  You can read it by going to Childrenstory.com.  Also, more wonderful Victorian trade cards with great graphics and color can be found in my store, Remember When Vintage Postcards.

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Rotograph Cat Real Photo PostcardI listed a very cute, real photo kitten postcard by the Rotograph Co. tonight.  Wanting an accurate description, I set off on a quest for clues that proved this was a real photo postcard (printing process notation in stamp box, photographer’s mark on a front corner, words on back stating it was a real photo postcard, etc).  I found none of the usual clues. 

I was still sure this was a real photo postcard.  It had the silvery hue around a couple edges typical of photos.  I again set off on my quest, more determined to find proof of this postcard’s real photo status.  I next researched the Rotograph Company knowing their lettered series were clearly defined as to what each series included; this one was numbered B825.  I found a great resource about postcard publishers on the Metropolitan Postcard Club of New York’s website.  According to this resource, the Rotograph’s (B) series, a sub-series, consisted of real photo cards on bromide paper.  My quest was successful.  I had found my proof.  I could honestly say the kitten postcard was a real photo postcard.   Rotograph Cat Real Photo Postcard

(I like the kitten in front just barely peaking out.)

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I was looking thru my victorian trade cards, trying to get inspiration for my next blog post, when I came across one for The Clayton Standard Newspaper.  It’s back detailed a contest involving a grand prize of $20 gold for decoding a “chopped up poem” broken up between several trade cards.  I got excited when I realized I may have enough of these installments I haven’t soaked from the scrapbook page yet, to decipher the poem.  Guess what I’m doing tonight?  I will post more on that as soon as I find out what’s on the back of the remaining 6 trade cards.  In the mean time…

Here are some victorian trade cards I found funny:

Cat in Jam Jar Victorian Trade CardNaughty kitty on the shelf.  Your friend just wants his share of the catnip in the jar next to the jam. 


That’s some nose, lol.  Would you want it keeping track of your place in a book?Singer Bookmark Victorian Trade CardBlack Boy Steals Clothes Trade Card


Funny prank, black boy leaving white boy high and dry by stealing his clothes. Hopefully nobody reading this had that happen to them.


Beymer Bauman White Lead Paint Trade CardPoor puppy.  You have got to admit, it is still funny.  Kind of reminds me of the time my daughter cut our cat’s wiskers off .  She was in pre-school and learning to use scissors.  Don’t worry, they grew back. 


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