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Okla.  Dec 27th  1922

“All are well here.  having nice weather.  Got home all right.  found everything all right but the wheat.  had to sow it over.  To Emma and ?     Lew”

1922 Vintage Christmas Postcard

When I first read this vintage postcard message, I thought “that’s odd, why would Lew sow (plant) wheat in December?”  OK farmers, go ahead and groan.  So, I looked up the planting and harvest time for wheat.  I found out winter wheat (Oklahoma’s number one crop) is planted in September and harvested in summer.

Oklahoma farmers actually want complete snow cover as it benefits wheat by being warmer underneath the snow than on top.  This might explain why Lew had to “sow it over”.  He might not have had the protective snow cover and had to replant as a result.  I’m not a farmer, so there could be other explanations.  After all, he did say the weather was nice.  I still think it’s odd to plant in December as I’m from WI where NOONE farms in winter.

A Bit of Ephemera Trivia: 

It takes less than ten seconds for a combine to harvest enough wheat for 70 loaves of bread. And one acre will produce enough wheat for 2 thousand five hundred loaves.     (courtesy of America’s Heartland)

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Here’s a strange one for you non-farmers (and hopefully not so strange for you farmers).  Lillian is sending Mrs. A.W. a postcard, trying to convince her to go someplace.  She’s a bit impatient as she wants to go yet today.  Wonder where she wants to go so bad?   

Lillian goes on to instruct Mrs. A.W. that if she wants to go, to come up after dinner.  If not coming, to phone from D. Drakes so she won’t look for her.    Lillian writes that because Rosco “thinks he will want to beat his potatoes next week” (more on that later), they’d better go “today”.  There’s that word again. 

The last part of Lillian’s message tells Mrs. A.W. to “get a gait on you” and come.  What a quaint phrase.  I think it’s comical for Lillian to expect Mrs. A.W. to come “today” when she won’t even get the postcard until after “today”.

As for Rosco, I’m not sure what he meant by “beat his potatoes”.  We will have to wait to find out as he’s waiting, along with Lillian.  Maybe Rosco’s referring to some type of pest control action.  I’m pretty sure he’s not referring to mashing potatoes though.  If there are any farmers out there, maybe you have some ideas on what he meant.

Vintage Postcard with Beating Potatoes Message
Vintage Postcard with Beating Potatoes Message

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