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I am fascinated with Victorian fashions.  My many blog posts on the subject attest to that.  I believe Victorian fashions have more personality and style than many of today’s fashions.  Sorry Lady Gaga.  However, today’s blog post is about the opposite.  It is about a piece of clothing with no personality or style.  This blog post is about a Victorian era hat called a “mob cap”. 

The mob cap is simple and serves a basic function – to keep a servant’s hair clean.  The woman in the below vintage postcard is wearing a hat similar to a mop cap (minus the flowers).  It looks rather plain in comparison to other Victorian era hats with feathers and ribbons. 

Lady vintage postcard published by Ullman

1913 vintage postcard published by Ullman of lady wearing hat similar to a mob cap.

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There are pieces of victorian fashion which makes me wonder what the fashion designers back then were thinking.  For example:

Dwig Lady Vintage Postcard

1910 Vintage Postcard by Dwig

 Why would this lady wear a dress with a bow on her behind?  Doing so only draws attention her behind’s size; not good if she thinks it’s big.  What happens if the pin on the broach back used to secure the bow fails?   Ouch.

May Farini Ring Lady Postcard

Hand-colored May Farini Signed Postcard

Yikes.  Talk about ugly (the hat).  I’d stick with flowers and feathers on a low clearance hat unless she wants to become a carnival game (ring toss).



Polka Dotted Lady Postcard

Polka Dots?  I’ve never been a fan of them after an embarrassing incident in kindergarten involving yellow pajama bottoms with blue polka dots.  I also happen to think polka dots aren’t slimming.  Wonder how long it took to lace up her shoes?  Reminds me of the leggings I wore during boot camp for the US Navy.

Lady in Ruffled Hat New Year Postcard

Layered ruffles on a hat?  Did she pull a Scarlett O’Hara and make clothing out of the most unlikely item?  Her hat looks like the bottom of victorian bloomers.



I realize this post is a bit satirical, but some victorian ladies fashions have made me wonder how they could put up with what looks uncomfortable and ridiculous when compared to today’s fashions.

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