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Ah Santa Claus, I have 8 reasons to pick a bone with you.  They are:  Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, and Rudolf.  OK, 9.  All of your reindeer are feeling a bit neglected.  Why you ask?  I’ll tell you five reasons why.

5 Reasons Santa Claus’ Reindeer Feel Neglected

  1. Postcard_Santa_Claus_Dogsleds

    Dog Sledding Santa Claus Postcard, Pink of Perfection series no. 4892 (I have 2 in this series.)

  2. series 555 (I have all 6!)

  3. Published by Meissner and Buch no. 15925 (One of my favorite)

  4. 1914 Tuck, series 549 (I just acquired my 9th in this series.)

  5. 1906 Tuck Oilette no. 8412 (notice the Golliwog)

Santa Claus, do dogs have a nose that can shine thru blizzards?  No.  Can polar bears fly?  No.  They’re too heavy.  Did you stop to think that the reindeer might like a ride on a train too?  After all, even Zorro’s horse got to ride on one (The Legend of Zorro with Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones).  Hot Air Balloons?  Bad idea Santa.  It will take a month of Christmas Eves to deliver all those toys in one of them.  Reindeer are faster.  As for the sled, what are you going to do once you get to the bottom of the hill?  Take my advice – stick with the reindeer.

(All of the above old vintage postcards are from my personal collection.  I hope you enjoyed their images.  You can find other great Santa Claus postcards in my store, Remember When Vintage Postcards.)

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