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It’s time we celebrate the end of winter (no more snow, yea!) and beginning of spring.  Antique and vintage postcards do this beautifully with their colorful array of flowers- from daffodils and iris, to crocus and pansies.

Lady Slipper

The Lady Slipper usually blooms in late June or early July.  I know that’s not spring, but how can I pass up showing off this bit of nature’s beauty now after several months of snow and lack of color?

Switzerland published vintage postcard, signed by artist P.R., of a Lady Slipper.

The Showy Lady Slipper (pink and white) is a rare orchid.   On Prince Edward Island, it was so rare that the Pink Lady Slipper replaced it as the provincial flower.  This orchid became the state flower of Minnesota in 1902.  It has been protected in Minnesota since 1925.  The above Lady Slipper is a White Lady Slipper.

Note: 100 years ago, Lady Slippers were a favorite adornment of church alters.

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