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I came across an interesting message with historical significance on a large letter linen postcard while reacquainting myself with my postcard inventory.  The message on it reads:

Dear Mil & leon:

I bet you were glad to get that pretty apron from Mary.  She’ll start her new job Monday.  She’s going to drive a street car.  We went to the show together today.

Love Geo & Evey

My first reaction was, “a woman street car driver?”  I then noticed the date – March 26, 1943.  This puts the message right in the middle of World War II (1939 -1945).


The message is a reminder of the contribution woman made on the home front to fill the gross shortage of manpower created when men went off to fight World War II.  Women were once again given the chance to not only earn the men’s higher wages, but prove they could do the same jobs as men; something women still struggle to prove today to a certain extent.

Way to go Mary!

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