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It’s time for more zoo animals on vintage postcards fun.  Let’s continue our visit to the New York Zoological Park.  For those who’re just joining us, this is the zoo that resulted from Fordham University’s selling the land it sits on to New York City for $1000.

So far, we’ve visited elephants, brown bears, and arctic foxes, giraffes, and the hippopotamus.  Today’s vintage postcards picture the Indian Leopard, and Malay Tiger.

Malay Tiger

NY Zoological Park Vintage Postcard of Malay Tiger "Princeton"

The Bronx Zoo (formerly known as The New York Zoological Park) has another wonderful page of interesting info on this endangered animal, the tiger.  For instance – this big cat’s tail twitches when on the prowl.  I was saddened to learn while reading this page, that half of all tiger cubs die within two years.  Be sure to check out the web page of your local zoo.  It too might have pages of interesting info on it’s exhibited animals.

Indian Leopard

New York Zoological Park Vintage Postcard of Indian Leopard Cub


The Minnesota Zoo, my local zoo, has a wonderful exhibit on the almost extinct Amur Leopard.  I make sure to visit it each time I go.  The leopard avoids tiger territory.   The leopard is an excellent stalker and tree climber, who will descend head first (unlike most cats).  They have also been known to leap out of a tree onto their prey.  Yikes.

Be sure to come back for the last day of our visit to the New York Zoological Park, Wednesday 03/03/10, to find out which animals on vintage postcards will be visited.
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