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Ever wonder what became of the buildings on old vintage postcards?  Are you curious to know if they still stand?  In my previous blog post, I showed two hotels; The Elms Hotel in Excelsior Springs, MO and The Durant Hotel in Fling, MI – Hotel Old Vintage Postcards – Then and Now .  I continue my series of blog posts on “then and now” old buildings pictured on vintage postcards with the below sanitarium also known as Hell House.

Mudcura Sanitarium, Shakopee, MN  Then…

Mudcura Sanitarium, Shakopee, MN

Vintage postcard of Mudcura Sanitarium, Shakopee, MN, postmarked 1939

This building had originally been a sanitarium for rheumatoid arthritics in the early 1900’s.  People took mud baths in mud from the nearby sulfur springs in hopes of relief from pain.  When this went out of style, it became a monastery.

Mudcura Sanitarium, Shakopee, MN  1997…

Mudcura Sanitarium in 1997 after arson fire

Mudcura Sanitarium in 1997 after arson fire

Prior to this suspicious fire in 1997, it still looked very depressing (inside and out).  Yes, the floors were unsafe and there was a hole in the roof from a previous fire, but I don’t believe it would’ve been considered a complete tear down. 

As for the Hell House designation…  At some point after the building was abandoned, someone had painted “hell house” across the top of the front.  Kind of fits as the building does look creepy.

Be sure to stop back on August 12th, when I share a curious postcard message.

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“I suppose you have received my letter by this time.  We get the Practical Farmer & McCalls both, and have for quite awhile.  We had quite a snow storm Tuesday and it is rather cold now. 
Best Easter Wishes from Will & Amy.”  
April 8, 1909 – Redwood Falls, MN

1909 Antique Easter Postcard Flower Egg

1909 German Antique Easter Postcard Golden Flower Filled Egg

I like postcard messages that reveal tidbits of historical information.  This one mentions two periodicals – McCalls, and Practical Farmer.  McCalls magazine dates back to 1880, but disappeared at the beginning of the 21st century due to publishing company mergers after legal battles.

I was never able to pin down specific information on “Practical Farmer” referenced in this postcard message.  I did get the impression after searching for info on it, that a subscription to some type of farming periodical was considered essential to farming success at that time.

As for the snow storm mentioned in the above postcard message, records indicate 6 inches fell during April 1909 in Redwood Falls.  Records also indicate the lowest temperature reached 18 degrees.  We might think that is nothing by today’s standards, but 102 years ago a 6″ accumulated snowfall was no picnic.  People 102 years ago didn’t have the snow removal equipment we have today.  I for one am thanking my lucky stars I didn’t have to shovel snow in 1909.

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1937 RPPC of Gooseberry Falls State Park Building

“Hi Ray
How do you feel. We’re on our way to Lutsen & up I guess. Love,”    

When I first read this postcard message, I jumped to the wrong conclusion that the sender was on his or her way to ski.  Lutsen, MN is known for some of the best skiing in MN, along with breath-taking views of Lake Superior.   My conclusion was only natural then as I’d been living with horrendous humidity for almost a week.  I was grasping at anything, including thinking about snow, in order to cool down.  Well, ha ha.  The joke’s on me.  When it came time to write this post, I realized the postmark of August 16th, 1937 meant no snow yet in Lutsen.  Rats.  Guess I’ll have to find another way to cool down.  Think the below postcard will help?

Skiing Postcard for sale in my web store.

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The Minnesota State Fair is fast approaching.  It starts August 26th and goes to Labor Day.  I never miss the postcard exhibits in the Creative Arts Building.  I can always find antique and vintage postcards I’ve LOVE to include in my personal collection; especially the real photo ones.  I always wonder where they find these scarce postcards.  I also visit:

the rabbits (the little ones are sooo cute and soft),

1908 M. Stocks Rabbit Postcard

horse barns (I’m going to try and see the miniature horses this year),

H. Payne Oilette Horse Postcard

flower competitions in the 4-H building (especially the MN State Florist Association displays which usually has a toy train running thru it)

Tuck Asiatic Lily PostcardArt Deco Easter Postcard, White Roses

the miracle of birth center (baby animals are soooo darling), butter carvings of the Milky Way Princesses, and of course the milk booth (all you can drink for a buck).  Ooooh, almost forgot.  My diet can wait; gotta have my Tom Thumb donuts.  Yum Yum.

See you there!

** Here’s a link to an article about Iowa State Fair postcards, by postcardy (a member of my blogroll).

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