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Drunken New Year Postcard

1908 German New Year Postcard, Morning After Funny Feeling

Wow, my daughter’s 21.  I officially feel old.  How come?  My daughter’s the one who turned 21.  Anyway, she has decided she wants me to take her bowling.  The bowling alley has a bar, so she’ll be able to legally order a drink. I’m the designated driver.  Her drinking should make for an interesting time bowling.  I’ll have to bring my camera.

This still didn’t seem like a fitting tribute to her entrance into adulthood, so I searched on-line for ways to celebrate birthdays.  OK, so I have no imagination.  I run two on-line postcard stores and work a full-time job.  Give me a break.  What I found had me laughing my head off.

There’s a blog about toilet birthdays.  Really.  This blog actually celebrates the birthdays of various toilets (complete with pictures)!  Geez, the things one finds on the internet these days, lol.  The first three paragraphs of the tip page are hilarious.  If curious, click this.  I’ll have to have my daughter read it when she comes home from partying with her first hangover (like the man in the above antique New Year postcard).  I wonder if she’ll be able to follow the directions at the beginning of the tip page.  Again, I’ll have to have my camera ready.  By the way, my toilet’s birthday is 07/22/04.

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