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SXPC Real Photo Postcard, Victorian House

1912 SXPC Real Photo Postcard of Victorian House

“Hello –

I suppose you are angry.  I will explain as soon as I am able to write a letter; have been sick.  This is one of the pictures I took and promised you.  will have to stay in town for  a few months.  will let you know when I return.  there is no place like the Old Home.  does it suit you.


I wonder why Lucile believes W. E. Conner (recipient) might be angry.  It is mysteries like this that make reading old postcard messages enjoyable.  Lucile says she will explain as soon as she can write.  Obviously she can write, or else someone else wrote the message.

I like real photo postcards of Victorian homes for architectural reasons.  The design of the window caps, corner trim, and color choices on this home make what could have been a plain home stand out.  I noticed the front steps look to be carpeted.  I wonder if this was normal.  It is certainly the first time I have seen it.  There is also the possibility this house didn’t have indoor plumbing in 1912 (notice outhouse to left under the trees).  Postcards like this help in the restoration of Victorian homes.

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Curteich Outhouse PostcardI was driving my Mom to her 5th chemotherapy appointment yesterday (she’s battling breast cancer), when we happened across a dead skunk right at the entrance to the hospital.  As expected, it STUNK.  Holding my breath didn’t work.  I ended up breathing the aroma in anyway as I gasped for breath a short time later.   How appropriate that the skunk was killed at the entrance.  My family is hoping Mom’s cancer is rendered as lifeless as that skunk now was.  So far, so good.  Life sure can be a stinker sometimes.

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