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I was sooo excited two weeks ago.  I had found the 6th (and final) antique cupid postcard in a series published by PFB!  Granted, three of the six weren’t brilliant (gold trim).  I was still very happy to know what the image was on the last postcard to find.  It was of a cupid with fairy wings standing on the shoulders of another cupid with bird like angel wings trying to reach a clover on a small rock cliff.  So darling!  I have posted images of all six antique postcards for my blog’s readers.  Enjoy these treasured members of my personal postcard collection!

PFB Cupid Postcards CPFB Cupid Postcards B

PFB Cupid Postcards A

If anyone knows who the artist is for this series, I would be interested to know.


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Santa Postcard Checker Boots
Smoking Blue Santa Claus Postcard

Collecting Santa Claus postcards has been and still is sooo enjoyable for me.  These days, I look for an unusual feature in the antique or vintage postcard with him on it.

These unusual features can add $5 to $10 or more to the postcard’s value depending on how unique and scarce it is.  The features I look for include, but are not limited to:
  • switches
  • odd transportation (like the motor boat Santa I blogged about recently)
  • balloons
  • teddy bears
  • different colored suits
  • smoking (especially upside down pipes)
  • donkeys (a favorite), and
  • golliwoggs

The postcard to the right isn’t from my personal postcard collection (alas, bills beckoned), but illustrates what one could look for when building an outstanding collection.  It shows a blue suited Santa Claus smoking, plus wearing checkered boots.  In over 33 years of collecting Santa Claus’, I’ve never seen him wearing checkered boots.

Note, the Santa Claus on my store’s home page  is holding a switch.  It is from my personal collection and a favorite.  I also have a midgit Santa Claus postcard, but that is for another blog post.

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A good number of Santa Claus postcards in my personal postcard collection and many I have sold, picture Santa Claus carrying a tree.  Some trees were decorated, some not.  So, I wondered what was up with all those trees on postcards. 

Turns out it was a German custom to place an Evergreen tree at a house’s entrance as part of their midwinter holiday.  Decorating them was part of a Christian New Year tradition initially designed to ward off the devil. 

More recently, the Christmas tree came from a custom in western Germany called a Paradise Tree.  The Paradise Tree was decorated with apples, cookies, and candles.  The Santa Claus postcards below show such a tree.  Since many antique and vintage postcards were printed or made in Germany, it makes sense that many Santa Claus postcards included trees.

Santa Claus Trees_0002

German vintage Santa Claus postcard from my personal collection.

Santa Claus Trees_0001

Silk antique Santa Claus postcard with undivided back.















Feel free to look at other Santa Claus, children in footed pajamas, and May Farini postcards from my personal collection on my web store’s gallery page.

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