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Below is a curious message I found on the back of an 1908 antique bathing beauty postcard.  It reads:

“Dear Edna
be sure and send my coat when you send my machine,  got your letter yesterday.  Will write later


Bathing Beauty Postcard Piggy Back Child

1908 Bathing Beauty Postcard with UDB

Bathing Beauty Postcard Piggy Back Bk

What I’m curious about is the type of machine Anna wants sent thru the mail.  The time period and gender of the sender suggests perhaps a sewing machine.  However, peddle sewing machines were quite large.  Was the post office in 1908 equipped to mail an item the size and weight of a sewing machine?

Could there be another machine small enough to mail thru the post office?  What do you think?

Be sure to stop back on August 16th when I share an exciting find for my personal postcard collection.

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I came across a special vintage patriotic postcard with a type of postmark I had heard about, but not seen.  The postcard was hand stamped “Soldiers Mail, Capt. E.W. Hamlen, O.M.R.”.  Below is a picture of both the front and back for those who havenot seen this type postmark.

Archie Gunn Postcard The Sentry Moon

Archie Gunn Postcard The Sentry Moon

The above postcard, with soldiers mail hand stamp, was sent by W.E. Conner of the 108th U.S. Engineers.  W.E. writes that he arrived safe and sound (doesn’t mention where), and that everything is fine. I imagine this news was a great relief to the recipient, Miss Elsie Hankey.

(The above vintage postcard was artist signed by Archie Gunn.  Many more artist signed and patriotic postcards can be found in my store, Remember When Vintage Postcards.)

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I ran across this beautiful poem on the back of an embroidered silk vintage birthday postcard in a lot I recently bought.  Enjoy!

1915 Embroidered Silk Birthday Postcard, made in Germany.

“…Your Birthday is never forgotten, neither are you.
       And this little card brings with it a greeting true.
       God Bless you tis a simple word 
       But simple prayers in heaven are heard
       So mine shall surely bring to thee
       A Birthday blessing rich and free…”

For those of you who celebrate your birthday this month, Happy Birthday!

** This and other vintage birthday postcards can be found in my store, Remember When Vintage Postcards.  Also, we post a picture of an antique or vintage postcard’s back when listing it for sale.  If curious, stop by for a visit and browse our postcards to see what was written on their backs.

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“I suppose you have received my letter by this time.  We get the Practical Farmer & McCalls both, and have for quite awhile.  We had quite a snow storm Tuesday and it is rather cold now. 
Best Easter Wishes from Will & Amy.”  
April 8, 1909 – Redwood Falls, MN

1909 Antique Easter Postcard Flower Egg

1909 German Antique Easter Postcard Golden Flower Filled Egg

I like postcard messages that reveal tidbits of historical information.  This one mentions two periodicals – McCalls, and Practical Farmer.  McCalls magazine dates back to 1880, but disappeared at the beginning of the 21st century due to publishing company mergers after legal battles.

I was never able to pin down specific information on “Practical Farmer” referenced in this postcard message.  I did get the impression after searching for info on it, that a subscription to some type of farming periodical was considered essential to farming success at that time.

As for the snow storm mentioned in the above postcard message, records indicate 6 inches fell during April 1909 in Redwood Falls.  Records also indicate the lowest temperature reached 18 degrees.  We might think that is nothing by today’s standards, but 102 years ago a 6″ accumulated snowfall was no picnic.  People 102 years ago didn’t have the snow removal equipment we have today.  I for one am thanking my lucky stars I didn’t have to shovel snow in 1909.

* Remember When Vintage Postcards posts a picture of an antique or vintage postcard’s back when listing it for sale.  If curious, stop by for a visit and browse our postcards to see what was written on their backs.

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SXPC Real Photo Postcard, Victorian House

1912 SXPC Real Photo Postcard of Victorian House

“Hello –

I suppose you are angry.  I will explain as soon as I am able to write a letter; have been sick.  This is one of the pictures I took and promised you.  will have to stay in town for  a few months.  will let you know when I return.  there is no place like the Old Home.  does it suit you.


I wonder why Lucile believes W. E. Conner (recipient) might be angry.  It is mysteries like this that make reading old postcard messages enjoyable.  Lucile says she will explain as soon as she can write.  Obviously she can write, or else someone else wrote the message.

I like real photo postcards of Victorian homes for architectural reasons.  The design of the window caps, corner trim, and color choices on this home make what could have been a plain home stand out.  I noticed the front steps look to be carpeted.  I wonder if this was normal.  It is certainly the first time I have seen it.  There is also the possibility this house didn’t have indoor plumbing in 1912 (notice outhouse to left under the trees).  Postcards like this help in the restoration of Victorian homes.

** You can find more real photo postcards for sale in our store, Remember When Vintage Postcards.

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1908 Zinnia Flowers Postcard

1908 Zinnia Flowers Postcard Published by Robbins Bros.


” Howdy!  How are you getting along?  When are you comming (coming) up?  I told Vesta I would send you a card.  guess I will have to keep my promise.  you will have to put on your specles (spectacles) to read this.  I will write to you some day.  Tell Uncle Col. E. Whellor Aunt Pug don’t know I got this.  don’t know why she’d say she knew it.  But I was down town & see (saw) it and though (thought) I’d get it for you since it was pretty.  I’m not going to tell her either.  We have lots of sewing to do.  Have lots of (?).  Tell Vesta to hurry up. tese (these) chigers (chiggers) are itchen (itching, underlined) like (?).  We have plenty of butter & milk now.  Have my post card book about full now.  I took (unable to decipher) card with the (?) on it.  I think it is swell.  (?) to very mean fight to get it.  Well I’m running short on space. But can’t help it.  We are all well.  write soon.     D.B. ”

Spectacles Needed

Believe it or not, the above message was on one side of this postcard in VERY tiny writing.  D.B. wasn’t kidding when he/she said spectacles were needed to read the message.  I used a magnifying glass.

Aunt Pug Doesn’t Know

I wonder what Aunt Pug doesn’t know about, but says she does?  D.B. said it was pretty.  He/she wasn’t going to tell Aunt Pug, so maybe it was a surprise?  Isn’t it fun to speculate?

Postcard Hobby in 1908

I noticed D.B. mentions a post card book.  Glad to read the postcard hobby is alive and well back in 1908.  It would be interesting to read other first hand accounts of postcard collecting in the early 20th century.  Note, D.B. separates post and card.  I’ve always used “postcard”.  I wonder which is right.

** Be sure to stop by the blog, The Best Hearts Are Crunchy, to view the many postcards shared on Postcard Friendship Friday.

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1937 RPPC of Gooseberry Falls State Park Building

“Hi Ray
How do you feel. We’re on our way to Lutsen & up I guess. Love,”    

When I first read this postcard message, I jumped to the wrong conclusion that the sender was on his or her way to ski.  Lutsen, MN is known for some of the best skiing in MN, along with breath-taking views of Lake Superior.   My conclusion was only natural then as I’d been living with horrendous humidity for almost a week.  I was grasping at anything, including thinking about snow, in order to cool down.  Well, ha ha.  The joke’s on me.  When it came time to write this post, I realized the postmark of August 16th, 1937 meant no snow yet in Lutsen.  Rats.  Guess I’ll have to find another way to cool down.  Think the below postcard will help?

Skiing Postcard for sale in my web store.

You can find more real photo postcards in my store, Remember When Vintage Postcards. 

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