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Puzzle cards were a type of novelty victorian trade card used in late 19th century advertising to capture and keep a potential customer’s attention.  Puzzle cards differed from other novelty trade cards in that they required more effort and concentration by customers.  Below is an example of a puzzle card with hidden pictures.

Carters Backache Plasters Puzzle Trade Card

Carters Backache Plasters Puzzle Trade Card: see if you can find an elephant, monkey, giraff, bear, dog, wild boar, 2 camels, wolf, 2 rats, face, lion, lioness, and tapir.

TIP:  Hidden Picture Trade Cards with color images are scarce.  Also look for hidden picture trade cards with unusual hidden objects like “nigger eating watermelon” or “fat man on roller skates”.

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Standard  Sewing Machine Puzzle Trade Card

Victorian Trade Card advertising the Standard Sewing Machine for W. Hughs of Iowa City, IA

I’ve got this puzzle novelty Victorian trade card for sale, and decided maybe I should include its solution in the description.  However, with slight embarrassment, I admit to being able to solve only parts of it.  I am asking my blog readers for help. 

The pictures represent words.  To solve this puzzle, put them together to form a phrase connected to the Standard Rotary Shuttle sewing Machine.  Go ahead, have some fun solving it.  I will be very grateful.  For those who wish to solve this puzzle on their own, don’t read the comments.

Or maybe I should leave the solution out of the description?

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