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SXPC Real Photo Postcard, Victorian House

1912 SXPC Real Photo Postcard of Victorian House

“Hello –

I suppose you are angry.  I will explain as soon as I am able to write a letter; have been sick.  This is one of the pictures I took and promised you.  will have to stay in town for  a few months.  will let you know when I return.  there is no place like the Old Home.  does it suit you.


I wonder why Lucile believes W. E. Conner (recipient) might be angry.  It is mysteries like this that make reading old postcard messages enjoyable.  Lucile says she will explain as soon as she can write.  Obviously she can write, or else someone else wrote the message.

I like real photo postcards of Victorian homes for architectural reasons.  The design of the window caps, corner trim, and color choices on this home make what could have been a plain home stand out.  I noticed the front steps look to be carpeted.  I wonder if this was normal.  It is certainly the first time I have seen it.  There is also the possibility this house didn’t have indoor plumbing in 1912 (notice outhouse to left under the trees).  Postcards like this help in the restoration of Victorian homes.

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Real Photo Postcard, Lady in Winter Coat

AZO Real Photo Postcard, Lady in Winter Coat

I have noticed an increased interest in blog posts relating to woman’s vintage fashions.  The above fashion related real photo postcard was another find from the same collection as the postcard for the Camp Logan blog post.  The lady is wearing a thick and heavy coat.  The high buttoned collar looks snug, which should help in winter.  The fur muff is bigger than others I have seen.  I wonder if a bigger muff was unusual?

Found another real photo postcard of two ladies wearing uniquely styled large hats and warm winter coats:

real photo postcard, ladies in large hats

1904 - 1918 real photo postcard of ladies wearing large hats

** You can find the above real photo postcards and others  for sale in our store, Remember When Vintage Postcards.

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Camp Logan Real Photo Postcard

Feb 1918 real photo postcard (AZO 4 triangles up) of soldiers at army Camp Logan in Houston, TX

I just bought a collection of real photo postcards that has me going, “Wow”; talk about a piece of social history.  In this collection were three real photo postcards of soldiers at Camp Logan.  This World War 1 army training camp in Houston, TX gained notoriety in August 1917 for a race related riot, and again the following year for the first widespread local outbreak of the Spanish Flu.

I kept thinking, while reading an article about Camp Logan on Wikipedia, why wasn’t this taught to us in American history class?  Yes, it was one of the saddest chapters in the history of American race relations.  If we are to learn from what happened during the Houston Riot of 1917 we need to be told about it.  History was not meant be swept under the rug.  This is why postcards are so important.

As for the soldiers in the real photo postcard above…  Hopefully they weren’t amongst  the 48 soldiers from Camp Logan that died during the Spanish Flu outbreak of 1918.

** Be sure to stop by the blog, The Best Hearts Are Crunchy, to view the many postcards shared on Postcard Friendship Friday.

** You can find the above real photo postcard and others  for sale in our store, Remember When Vintage Postcards.

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1937 RPPC of Gooseberry Falls State Park Building

“Hi Ray
How do you feel. We’re on our way to Lutsen & up I guess. Love,”    

When I first read this postcard message, I jumped to the wrong conclusion that the sender was on his or her way to ski.  Lutsen, MN is known for some of the best skiing in MN, along with breath-taking views of Lake Superior.   My conclusion was only natural then as I’d been living with horrendous humidity for almost a week.  I was grasping at anything, including thinking about snow, in order to cool down.  Well, ha ha.  The joke’s on me.  When it came time to write this post, I realized the postmark of August 16th, 1937 meant no snow yet in Lutsen.  Rats.  Guess I’ll have to find another way to cool down.  Think the below postcard will help?

Skiing Postcard for sale in my web store.

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The Minnesota State Fair is fast approaching.  It starts August 26th and goes to Labor Day.  I never miss the postcard exhibits in the Creative Arts Building.  I can always find antique and vintage postcards I’ve LOVE to include in my personal collection; especially the real photo ones.  I always wonder where they find these scarce postcards.  I also visit:

the rabbits (the little ones are sooo cute and soft),

1908 M. Stocks Rabbit Postcard

horse barns (I’m going to try and see the miniature horses this year),

H. Payne Oilette Horse Postcard

flower competitions in the 4-H building (especially the MN State Florist Association displays which usually has a toy train running thru it)

Tuck Asiatic Lily PostcardArt Deco Easter Postcard, White Roses

the miracle of birth center (baby animals are soooo darling), butter carvings of the Milky Way Princesses, and of course the milk booth (all you can drink for a buck).  Ooooh, almost forgot.  My diet can wait; gotta have my Tom Thumb donuts.  Yum Yum.

See you there!

** Here’s a link to an article about Iowa State Fair postcards, by postcardy (a member of my blogroll).

(Please visit Remember When Vintage Postcards for more great rabbit postcards and flower postcards.  You can also find horse, rabbit, and flower postcards in my Bonanzle store.)

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Beth over at The Best Hearts Are Crunchy blog has found out August 6th is Wiggle Your Toes Day.  Silly, but anything that brings a smile to a person’s face is worth celebrating.  Maybe that is why Beth chose the topic for Postcard Friendship Friday.

We all enjoy going barefoot and wiggling our toes, myself included.  I work my 6am to 2:30pm office job barefoot; helps relax me.  Of course I also wear pajamas, but that’s another story.  I like walking barefoot on newly cut green grass, and wiggling my toes in pool water (or better yet a hot tub) too.  Do you?

As for my contribution to Postcard Friendship Friday, I’ve chosen a real photo postcard, or RPPC, of a trio of very cute, barefoot girls sitting Pied Piper style.  They seem to be wearing Victorian bloomers.  I hope this photo postcard brings a smile to your face.  Enjoy!

Real Photo Postcard on Bromide Paper for sale in my store.

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I’ve just realized it’s St. Paul Winter Carnival time again.  This Minnesota winter sports carnival officially kicked off this past Thursday.  Great timing because I just bought a 900 postcard lot that contained four St. Paul Winter Carnival Photo Postcards of the 1938, 1939, and 2 of the 1940 Ice Palaces (one illuminated).  It’s exciting when I find postcards, in lots or on buying trips, that have a personal connection.  My Dad used to take me to see the ice palaces when I was little and they were still being built.

For those that would like a little background on these wonderful ice palaces, please read my earlier blog post – 1941 St. Paul Winter Carnival Ice Palace Postcard.

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1938 Ice Court Real Photo Postcard

   1939 Ice Palace Real Photo Postcard

1940 Ice Palace Real Photo Postcard

1940 Ice Palace Real Photo Postcard - Illuminated

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