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In February 2010, I wrote a blog article about wind-up toys or Jack in the Boxes.  My illustration of this toy, on a vintage postcard, was in the form of Santa Claus.  I was delighted when I found this vintage postcard, to have an unusual depiction of Santa Claus.  I’m even more delighted now as I have found a second postcard in this series, no. 288.

Vintage Christmas Postcard of a Santa in the Box Toy

Vintage Christmas Postcard of a Santa in the Box Toy

This second postcard didn’t provide any clue as to the age of this series, but it did yield other clues.  I now know each postcard in this series will most likely have a Santa in the Box, and a wreath garland shown at top plus long stemmed candy cane.  I can’t wait to find the remaining four in this series!

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Vintage Christmas Postcard, Sled Girls

Vintage Christmas Postcard printed in Germany

“Hello cousin Martha,
How you getting along.  I am well.  Martha(,) Santa Claus is coming soon.  you better be good or he will take you along.  Best Regards from Tillie to all(.)  answer soon.  tell your Momma that she write me a letter ore (or) Postal Card.  I like my place awful good.
Tillie Salger, 2015 Walnut Street, Murphysloo, Ill”

Boy, this vintage postcard message missed its intended purpose by a mile.  I certainly wouldn’t be threatened by the possibility that Santa Claus would “take me along”.  I’d probably be bad on purpose.  Can you imagine riding in Santa Claus’ sleigh?  Or seeing his reindeer?

The other thing I noticed in this postcard message was Tillie used “Postal Card” rather than postcard.  Maybe that was the accepted name for this type ephemera back then.

** More great antique and vintage Christmas postcards available in my store, Remember When Vintage Postcards.

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The Advent calendar is used to count down the days of Advent (the period of preparation for the celebration of the nativity of Jesus) in anticipation of Christmas.  Its use was a practice started by German Lutherans as early as the beginning of the 19th century.

As a German Lutheran, I would like to continue this practice.  Starting December 1st I will be activating a link each day, thru December 25th, on the below advent calendar of Santa Claus.  When you click on the link, you will be taken to an antique or vintage Christmas postcard I have listed in my store, Remember When Vintage Postcards.  Purchase is nice, but not required.  I only ask that you enjoy each Christmas postcard as it is revealed.  (intro courtesy of my ‘2009 advent calendar blog post)

Dec. 01
Dec. 02
Dec. 03 Dec. 04          
Dec. 05 Dec. 06 Dec. 07        
  Dec. 08 Dec. 09      
    Dec. 10 Dec. 11 Dec. 12  
    Dec. 13 Dec. 14 Dec. 15  
    Dec. 16 Dec. 17 Dec. 18  
  XXXXXXX Dec. 19   Dec. 20 XXXXXXX
  XXXXXXX Dec. 22 Dec. 23 Dec. 24 XXXXXXX

Merry Christmas (and Happy Holidays) from Remember When Vintage Postcards!

If you want to return to this Advent Calendar to reveal the antique or vintage postcards behind the remaining days counting down to Christmas, please bookmark this blog post.

** Be sure to stop by the blog, The Best Hearts Are Crunchy, to view the many postcards shared on Postcard Friendship Friday.

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Atmore's Mince Meat Trade Card - Santa Claus

Atmore's Mince Meat Victorian Trade Card showing Santa Claus (1 of 8 in set printed by Ketterlinus)

It is always tough for me to find info on the companies behind various Victorian trade cards.  I thought I’d pass along a resource/place to look when researching trade cards in your collection.

I found info on Atmore & Sons in an 1879 general survey of factories and mills in Philadelphia, PA.  It had detailed info on the factory building, plus where various business functions occured (canning on west side of factory in shed also used for wagons, main building – dried fruit storage in basement, fruit sorting on third floor, apple paring on second floor, etc).

I also found out this factory was not their first as it was erected in 1878 and the business was established in 1842.  So, where were they previously?  For now that will remain a mystery.

Anotherwards, look in old building survey records for info on companies and how, when, and where they operated.

** More great Victorian trade cards to research (and buy) available in my store, Remember When Vintage Postcards.

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It’s again Postcard Friendship Fridays at The French Factrice blog.  This is an event, hosted by Marie, where postcard collectors share an example of what they feel is “postcard perfect”.  It’s a great way to show why this hobby is so fun.  This week, I’m sharing two postcards featuring the children’s toy, the Jack-In-The-Box.

Jack In The Box Postcard of Santa Claus

Christmas postcard of girl enjoying a toy Santa-In-The-Box from series 288

Box Toy’s Origins
The first wind-up toys were made in Grecian times.  The art of making this type mechanical toy was revived in the 1400’s by watch and clock makers, with versions based on clocks which had a bird “popping” out.
 Another theory regarding this wind-up toy’s origins has it evolving from captured runaway black slaves, or “Jacks”, put in wooden boxes.  Children playing around these boxes, would poke sharpened wooden sticks though the knotholes.  The Jack inside would yelp, often busting through the box’s top.  If this theory were true, it makes me wonder how many parents would have let their children play with such a toy had they known it was based on mistreatment of a human being.
Cat curious about Jack-in-the-Box toy

Christmas postcard published by Davidson Bros. no. 761-4


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Letter from Santa Claus Postcard

1906 H.I. Robbins Santa Claus Postcard Published by The Metropolitan News Co.

Weekly Ephemera Trivia:

Approximately 500,000 letters to Santa addressed “Santa, North Pole” are sent to the North Pole Post Office branch on Candy Cane Lane every year.  

What Happens to All Those Letters?

They are taken to the North Pole Middle School, where the students try to answer as many letters as they can.  Sounds like a great way to teach teenagers about community and that kindness towards others has priceless benefits (warmth and happiness).

I hope they have a lot of students at that school to answer all those letters.

** Don’t forget to check out my Postcard Advent Calendar where I will be activating a link to a different Christmas postcard each day thru December 25th.

Note: Marie over at The French Factrice blog is hosting Postcard Friendship Fridays.  Hop on over to Marie’s and check out all the postcard enthusiasts sharing this week.

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Santa Claus Vintage Christmas Postcard

1915 Santa Claus Postcard with Gel Finish & Gold Trim

The time of year where we prepare for and follow Christmas traditions has arrived.  Ever wonder wonder what’s behind these traditions (i.e. like the hanging stockings as pictured in this vintage christmas postcard of Santa Claus)?

Christmas Stocking Legend

A poor father was in despair as he could not afford the dowries needed for his three daughters to marry.  One night the daughters washed out their stockings and hung them over the fireplace to dry.

St. Nicholas of Myra, a 4th century bishop, heard of the father’s despair and decided to pay a visit.  Late at night, riding his white horse (this must be a Dutch version, see Santa Claus Rides in Dandy Motorboat ) St. Nicholas stopped by their house.

Seeing the stockings through the window, St. Nicholas climbed on the roof and tossed three full bags of gold coins down the chimney.  The bags fell into the hanging stockings.  His unselfish gift made it possible for all three daughters to marry.

 My Christmas Stocking Tradition

When I was growing up, my sisters and I hung our stockings (knitted in green and red with our names at top) on the back of the bookcase facing the kitchen.  We didn’t have a fireplace.  Every year, we would get either an orange or apple, nuts, and Christmas taffy.  I still hang a stocking.  My adult daughter fills it (I fill hers).  Most years, an apple or orange finds it way into both our stockings.

The above vintage christmas postcard of Santa Claus is from my personal collection.  I found it cute that Santa was sooo little in comparison to the hanging stocking.  More Santa Claus and christmas postcards, with festive holiday graphics, can be found in my store.

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