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Going beyond an antique or vintage postcard’s image can sometimes lead to some of the juiciest historical tidbits.  Insert a couple of quick eyebrow raises.  A rather stilted recitation of Manchester, NH  history (but still a good source of historical info), was where I found my juicy tidbits this time – Manchester, Hillsborough County, NH – History and Genealogy .

Antique train postcard of Manchester, NH railroad station

Antique train postcard of Manchester, NH railroad station

The page starts out in 1604, but let’s jump to 1839.  You ask, “What happened in September, 1839?”  I’ll tell you.  Jeremiah Johnson was killed by Elbridge Ford.  Elbridge was tried the next year and found guilty of manslaughter.  He was sentenced to five years in prison, but pardoned after three; not much justice for Jeremiah.  Why was this murder notable?  The page’s entry just previous to this tells of a vote to establish a system of police – in October, 1839!  There is nothing like a murder to light a fire under a town’s butt.  Unfortunately, this was too late for poor Jeremiah.

Let’s jump ahead to 1853 to when Bayley, Blood, and Company, or Vulcan Works, was established.  Sorry Trekki fans, no relation to Spock.  In 1854, Vulcan Works became Manchester Locomotive Works.  By 1875, Manchester Locomotive Works had turned out 786 locomotives (beyond capacity).  That’s a lot of trains.  I wonder if any of them are still around.

Where does Levi come into this story?  Around 1873, Levi Strauss started making what became their famous “blue jeans” or riveted clothing.  The denim for them was made at Manchester’s Amoskeag Manufacturing Company.  Cool.

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Ah Santa Claus, I have 8 reasons to pick a bone with you.  They are:  Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, and Rudolf.  OK, 9.  All of your reindeer are feeling a bit neglected.  Why you ask?  I’ll tell you five reasons why.

5 Reasons Santa Claus’ Reindeer Feel Neglected

  1. Postcard_Santa_Claus_Dogsleds

    Dog Sledding Santa Claus Postcard, Pink of Perfection series no. 4892 (I have 2 in this series.)

  2. series 555 (I have all 6!)

  3. Published by Meissner and Buch no. 15925 (One of my favorite)

  4. 1914 Tuck, series 549 (I just acquired my 9th in this series.)

  5. 1906 Tuck Oilette no. 8412 (notice the Golliwog)

Santa Claus, do dogs have a nose that can shine thru blizzards?  No.  Can polar bears fly?  No.  They’re too heavy.  Did you stop to think that the reindeer might like a ride on a train too?  After all, even Zorro’s horse got to ride on one (The Legend of Zorro with Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones).  Hot Air Balloons?  Bad idea Santa.  It will take a month of Christmas Eves to deliver all those toys in one of them.  Reindeer are faster.  As for the sled, what are you going to do once you get to the bottom of the hill?  Take my advice – stick with the reindeer.

(All of the above old vintage postcards are from my personal collection.  I hope you enjoyed their images.  You can find other great Santa Claus postcards in my store, Remember When Vintage Postcards.)

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The Minnesota State Fair is fast approaching.  It starts August 26th and goes to Labor Day.  I never miss the postcard exhibits in the Creative Arts Building.  I can always find antique and vintage postcards I’ve LOVE to include in my personal collection; especially the real photo ones.  I always wonder where they find these scarce postcards.  I also visit:

the rabbits (the little ones are sooo cute and soft),

1908 M. Stocks Rabbit Postcard

horse barns (I’m going to try and see the miniature horses this year),

H. Payne Oilette Horse Postcard

flower competitions in the 4-H building (especially the MN State Florist Association displays which usually has a toy train running thru it)

Tuck Asiatic Lily PostcardArt Deco Easter Postcard, White Roses

the miracle of birth center (baby animals are soooo darling), butter carvings of the Milky Way Princesses, and of course the milk booth (all you can drink for a buck).  Ooooh, almost forgot.  My diet can wait; gotta have my Tom Thumb donuts.  Yum Yum.

See you there!

** Here’s a link to an article about Iowa State Fair postcards, by postcardy (a member of my blogroll).

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