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I was sooo excited two weeks ago.  I had found the 6th (and final) antique cupid postcard in a series published by PFB!  Granted, three of the six weren’t brilliant (gold trim).  I was still very happy to know what the image was on the last postcard to find.  It was of a cupid with fairy wings standing on the shoulders of another cupid with bird like angel wings trying to reach a clover on a small rock cliff.  So darling!  I have posted images of all six antique postcards for my blog’s readers.  Enjoy these treasured members of my personal postcard collection!

PFB Cupid Postcards CPFB Cupid Postcards B

PFB Cupid Postcards A

If anyone knows who the artist is for this series, I would be interested to know.

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Clapsaddle Valentine Postcard of Cupid Typing

Ellen H. Clapsaddle Valentine Postcard published by International Art

One could say the typewriter is the Victorian era’s version of today’s texting (something I have no intention of learning).  The first useful version of this precursor to texting was patented by a Milwaukee, WI printer-publisher in 1867 named Christopher Sholes, with help from Carlos Glidden.   This is whom I have to thank for a skill learned in high school, that to this day is still putting food on my families’ table and a roof over our heads. 

Famous Connections 

Christopher Sholes licensed his patent for the first useful typewriter to Remington & Sons, a noted gun maker, in 1873 for $12,000.  Remington perfected the typewriter design, then marketed it from 1874 – 1878. 

Mark Twain was one of the first to purchase a Sholes & Glidden typewriter. 

This week’s bit of trivia: 

The least expensive typewriter, produced in the late 1800’s, cost $1. 

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